Personal Trainers – How To Choose The Best One

Choosing a claimed trainer can be a difficult, confusing, and potentially life-changing decision.

You could be hiring a acclimatized able trainer who will:

  • Transform your body
  • Improve your health
  • Elevate your accustomed affection and activity levels
  • Educate you and abutment your change to a convalescent lifestyle


You ability be hiring an alone who is:

  • Inexperienced
  • Under-qualified
  • Lacking basic ability and skills
  • Potentially adverse to your bloom and well-being


1. What Qualifications Does Your Trainer Have?

The exercise industry has a big abstruse that a lot of trainers and gyms will not acquaint you… Claimed trainer certifications are NOT REGULATED nationally! What does this beggarly to you and why does it matter? There is no set accepted for the akin of apprenticeship that one accept to posses to become a “certified” claimed trainer. Abounding organizations action acceptance programs with annihilation added than a simple 30 minute analysis that a lot of average academy analysis acceptance would breeze through! However, these four organizations always authority their trainers to the accomplished standards in the industry: NASM, ACE, ASCM, NSCA.

2. How Abundant Acquaintance Do They Have?

Personal training is a profession that requires years of acknowledgment to abundant audience afore one can become a absolutely “skilled” trainer. Generally, you should seek a trainer with 5+ years of training acquaintance – getting a nutritionist, beating therapist, or apprentice does not construe to hands-on experience.

3. In Which Areas Of Bloom and Exercise Do They Specialize?

Like their clients, every claimed trainer is unique. Each being has specific strengths and weaknesses – trainers are no exception. Specialties aural the bloom and exercise industry are numerous:

  • Cardio Circuits
  • Yoga
  • Cross-Fit
  • Pilates
  • Power Lifting
  • Post-Natal Fitness
  • Body Building
  • and abounding more!

Choose a trainer who specializes in the areas that chronicle to your exercise goals.


- If you just had a babyish and are searching to accent up and achieve your active figure… A ability countdown isn’t the best fit for you.

4. How Abounding Training Locations Are Offered?

What is the #1 acumen audience abandon gym memberships and claimed training sessions? Convenience. In beyond cities cartage can be bad – If your trainer requires that you biking a abundant ambit to their exercise flat  it is abundant easier to become ashore in traffic, accept agenda conflicts, or accomplish excuses not to appearance up. Missing sessions = not extensive bloom and exercise goals.

5. What Stipulations and Hidden Fees Come With Session Costs?

Various accent fees/requirements to consider:

  • Consultation Fee (most superior trainers action chargeless consults)
  • Minimum Amount of Sessions You Accept to Purchase
  • Expiration Date on Sessions
  • Cancellation Fees
  • Gym Membership Fees
  • Initiation Fees

6. What Is Your Claimed Trainer’s Personality and Coaching Style?

If your trainer’s personality or appearance is grating, annoying, or just apparent arid to you again how motivated will you be to absorb an hour of boxy exercise with this alone assorted times per week?!

7. Is Your Claimed Trainer Full-Time?

This is the #1 agency to apperceive – yet it is rarely anticipation about or accepted until too late! If your claimed trainer is part-time… STOP! Do not decay your money, health, or time with this individual! If claimed training is accessory to your trainer’s “real job” assumption who abroad is accessory – YOU!!! Hiring a part-time trainer will alone end in affliction and unfulfillment if they move on or no best accept time for you.

8. Are They “In Shape”?

This one should be a no-brainer. A accurate exercise able should be in appearance at all times. Period. No excuses. No exceptions. If they aren’t… move on!

Choosing a claimed exercise trainer can be difficult but if you ask these important questions you will be able to accomplish a abundant added abreast accommodation – alienated approaching affliction or committing to an alone that is a bigger salesman than a exercise professional!